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Monday, March 29, 2010

Cluster Textbooks

I've had some people call (and email) to ask about state approved (or required) textbooks for the new Career Pathways. KSDE won't require (or endorse) specific textbooks. However, I know people are interested in some "support" or at least ideas of where to start.

K-State Business Education (Mrs. Darla Stone) and FHSU Business Education (Dr. Wally Guyot and Scott Jones) will embark on a cooperative effort in the Fall to identify POTENTIAL textbooks for courses in each career pathway. We won't necessarily "endorse" a text, but students from both schools will work cooperatively to review and identify/cross-walk competencies from the course profiles and content in selected textbooks.

The information gathered will be made public for educators to use (if they so desire) in helping them identify potential textbooks to use as they adopt new courses to meet Career Pathway implementation.

Updates on the cooperative activity will be provided as we progress. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work collaboratively with K-State.

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