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Saturday, February 27, 2010

KBOA - Summer Conference and MORE

On Tuesday, I met with Nick Wenger (Field Kindley High School - Coffeyville) and Chris Holborn (Junction City High School - Geary County USD) regarding KBOA (Kansas Business Occupations Association) and outreach opportunities for students working toward a degree in Business Teacher-Education.

I'm REALLY excited about some of the things we discussed. Stay tuned, more will be announced soon!

Friday, February 26, 2010

On-Campus Help Needed!!!

If you are an on-campus Business Ed major, I need some help.

Each year we screen the written research events for Kansas DECA, prior to them being judged at competition.

I need your assistance to get this task complete. The ADVANTAGE for you? Pretty simple, rather than starting as a new teacher and having NO IDEA what DECA is all about or what a written event looks like, you will have some first hand experience in reviewing them. ALSO, you may gain some great ideas to implement when you start teaching.

Please consider helping me out. Use the Google Docs link attached, you can find a slot (or add one) and volunteer today! (I need help on Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday next week, we will be working in McCartney Hall, on campus.)


Thought for the Day

I received the message below from a ListServ out of Missouri for Business & Marketing teachers. Interesting!

From Seth Godin’s blog:
It's easier to teach compliance than initiative

Compliance is simple to measure, simple to test for and simple to teach. Punish non-compliance, reward obedience and repeat.

Initiative is very difficult to teach to 28 students in a quiet classroom. It's difficult to brag about in a school board meeting. And it's a huge pain in the neck to do reliably.

Schools like teaching compliance. They're pretty good at it.

To top it off, until recently the customers of a school or training program (the companies that hire workers) were buying compliance by the bushel. Initiative was a red flag, not an asset.

Of course, now that's all changed. The economy has rewritten the rules, and smart organizations seek out intelligent problem solvers. Everything is different now. Except the part about how much easier it is to teach compliance.

What do you think? Do you agree? What is better--compliance or initiative?

Lawrence Free State (Lip Dup)

I just had an email from Clayton Evans (student teacher at Lawrence Free State) this is a followup to an earlier post (check below) regarding a cool video production!

Well Lawrence Free State completed their own Lip Dub video. You can find it on YouTube by typing in "Lawrence Free State Lip Dub" or by going to the Lawrence Free State High School website (

Thanks to Clayton for sending it in!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

GREAT podcast on Technology!!

I found a great podcast that is produced by a couple of principals. Their primary focus is administration, HOWEVER, they are sort of techie-geeks, they spend more time than anything talking about various technology (hadware, software, etc.) that they use or that their teachers are using.

You will enjoy the podcasts and might enjoy hearing from the administrative side of education!

The website is:

You can subscribe and get automatic updates by connecting with them on iTunes.

This is an outstanding resource.

Jordan Kroeger

Jordan Kroeger is a Senior majoring in Business Education. He was born and raised in Ellis, KS, but now lives in Wichita, KS where he is student-teaching at Andover High School.

Jordan completed his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in May 2009 and will complete his Bachelor of Science in Business Education degree in May 2010. Jordan was employed at Enterprise Rent-a-Car while attending FHSU. He left this position after 2+ years to complete his student teaching. Jordan is comfortable knowing he has a business background, but would rather be in the education field and someday possibly be in education administration.

Jordan enjoys the Wichita Area, but is always open to other avenues. And if you can't find him on a nice Spring afternoon, you could expect to see him at a baseball game or on the golf course. He likes to be outside when the weather is nice, but is perfectly comfortable spending a day inside playing games and catching up with friends or just reading a book.

Please contact Jordan via e-mail at if you have any questions! Check out Jordan's resume.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cool H.S. Video

This if from Clayton, looks pretty cool to me, check it out!
"This is the link to the website I was telling you yesterday. A HS made this in one shot! Free State is doing a similar act on Thursday. We'll see how it goes...

This link should work, but it is also called "Shorewood Lip Dub" "

Monday, February 15, 2010

Kansas Business Teacher Educators Meeting

Not that this has a major impact on any of you... but Dr. Guyot and I met with Darla Stone (K-State), Nancy Hite (Emporia), and Barbara Railsback (Emporia) on Friday in Topeka at KSDE.

Everyone seems to be facing the same sort of issues. It "sounds like" FHSU has the largest graduating class this semester---although, I think all of us are a little leery of telling exactly how many of our students will be graduating and looking for jobs. (We all want to protect our graduates.)

My point is, we aren't looking a HUGE number of new graduates out there seeking Business Ed vacancies, so that is good for you if you are beginning the job search!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Business Admin (Kansas Pathway Development)

The Business Administration Pathway will be developed over the Spring and Summer. Robin Harris (KSDE) and I will be conducting a "kick-off" via the ListServ. We will describe the timeline and process. March 3 at 9:30 a.m. and again at 3:30 p.m. (Same discussion.) Please join us for the kickoff!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

MUST Watch and Read!

I have had an interesting couple of days. I'm attaching a couple of links for you to preview, both are VERY worthwhile.

The first is a show that aired on Smoky Hill Public Television. "Digital Nation" An OUTSTANDING documentary about technology in our society--it discusses business/industry and well as education. If this doesn't generate ideas for you, then you aren't very creative. :) (That was intended to be somewhat funny!)

Link to PBS/Frontline Special on Digital Nation

The second is a print article from the Springfield News-Leader (Springfield MO). This is an article about how a girl used Facebook to recognize a senior citizen who was a greeter at Wal-Mart. (A neat and SHORT story.)

Link to Springfield News-Leader

Friday, February 5, 2010

JD Johnson

JD Johnson is originally from Utica, KS. He attended Bethany College and Kansas State University before declaring FHSU as his school of choice!

While attending FHSU, JD has been part of the FHSU Intramurals and Recreation Commission. Through these activities, they helped with numerous campus and community events including: Haunted Campus Tour, Campus Easter Egg Hunt, and Mudfest. JD has also lifeguarded, officiated intramural games, and supervised events for the IM-Rec. He is also a registered official under KSHSAA and officiates high school football and basketball throughout the community and area.

JD is student teaching at Hays High with Jeanie Michaelis and Suzie Stark (both FHSU BUED Alumni).

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2008 BUED Grad Awarded Crystal Apple

Danielle Odle a 2008 BUED Graduate from Fort Hays State University. Danielle is originally from Colorado, while finishing her degree at FHSU, she student taught at Hays High.

Special Thanks for Suzie Stark (Hays High) for letting me know about this great award! Link to the News Article.

Sandy Rupp - Professor Emeritus

Sandy Rupp retired in 2008, when the AIS Department was dissolved. She was an Assistant Professor of Business Education and Business Communication---specifically, she was responsible for advising and coordinating the Office Technology Program.

Sandy has been recognized as a Professor Emeritus. This is a huge honor! Retiring faculty must meet specific criteria in order to be recognized as Emeritus faculty. We are very proud of the years of dedication Mrs. Rupp gave to our area.

By the way, Sandy is doing well and enjoying every day of her retirement. Sandy can be reached at

Congratulations, Sandy!!

Need Assistance?

If you need assistance, please feel free to contact me (office visit - 105-C McCartney, Phone call 785.628.4040, Skype: fhsu.bued Email:

Most of the time I am in the office, when I am not in class. Here are the hours I try to make sure I am around. (Please understand that out of town meetings and on-campus activities do sometimes alter my availability.)

Monday and Wednesday (9:30 - 10:30 and 2:30 to 4:30)
Tuesday and Thursday (9:30 - 11:30)

Fridays and Other times by Appointment

Student Teacher Updates...

As student teachers get information to me (pictures, resumes, bios) I'll be adding those to the blog. (Hint---get them to me, if this applies to you!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Student Teacher Docs

I've added documents for Student Teachers. These documents are located directly above the Faculty pictures on bottom right side. This includes schedule, student teacher handbook, and the conceptual framework.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Clayton Evans

Clayton Evans is Senior in Business Education from Hutchinson. Currently, Clayton is student-teaching in Lawrence at Lawrence Free State High School. Clayton brings with him several years of retail experience.

Check Out Clayton's Resume

Job Search Newsletter!

The link below will take you to the Tiger Job Connection Newsletter.

Newsletter Link

National News - Oakley Kansas

Take a minute to check out this link. The story is about an Entrepreneurship class in Oakley Kansas.