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Thursday, May 16, 2013

As we prepare for Graduation, while it may seem a little corny, Dr. Guyot and I ask that you remember the Business Ed program and Stand By Me in the future. Best of luck to our graduates --- Kyra, Austin, Krista, Jessica, Logan, Nate, and Stacie. You are an amazing group and will be an incredible group of teachers!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Commencement App

Commencement 2013 is almost here! This year, the Office of the Provost has developed a mobile FHSU Commencement App that will provide useful information about commencement for students, faculty and staff. Features include: Candidate names, hometown, degrees, and concentrations (if applicable). - list of important events that are happening during the week of commencement. It also allows you to add these events straight to your calendar. - "What's On" feature will remind you about events that will be happening within 2 hours of its start time. - Photo sharing allows for users to upload photos or browse photos that have already been taken. - Facebook features that connect to the FHSU commencement page. - Twitter feeds. - Documents are also available for download. Items include a digital copy of the commencement program, student line of march, a campus map, and the DVD Order Form. A City Guide feature harnesses Google Maps to provide driving directions to a preprogrammed list of local restaurants, hotels and attractions. Info Booth provides pertinent information about Graduate Commencement and Undergraduate Commencement. Important messages in regards to commencement will also be sent. We encourage all faculty to download the app. No username or password is required to access it. The app is accessible by opening the following link in your phone's browser:

Share this with your HS students

Perhaps this is related to the bullying post I just sent? Perhaps it is related to teenage perceptions? Whatever, it is worth the quick watch and would be AWESOME to create a discussion in your Marketing classes (or any Business class) about ethics, responsibility, etc.

Powerful Video - regarding bullying

Have you thought about you will deal with bullying in your classroom? in your school? Our responsibilities go far beyond the four walls of our classroom and delivering lessons on Marketing or Web Design...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

As you wrap up the year...

Whether you are in the classroom as a student (preparing to become a teacher) or an alumni of our program and in your own classroom, I wanted to share with you this 3 minute TED Talk.  It is worth the watch!