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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Financial Literacy

This was taken from the KNEA Under the Dome email blast...

House Bill 2645 which would make a one-semester course a graduation requirement for Kansas high school students had a hearing in the House Education Budget Committee this evening.

You might be thinking, “Déjà vu?” Well, yes. The same bill had a hearing in the House Education Committee earlier this session but that committee decided to take a pass on it. Somehow it ended up being referred to the House Education Budget Committee.

KNEA appeared as an opponent to financial literacy as a stand-alone class required for high school graduation. Currently the state requires financial literacy standards developed by the State Board of Education to be embedded in math and social science classes and tested on the state assessments.

State Board of Education member Walt Chappell (speaking as an individual and not for the board) appeared as a proponent as did State Representative Joe Scapa (R-Wichita). KNEA and KASB appeared as opponents.

No action was taken on the bill.

Click here to read KNEA testimony on HB 2645.

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