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Thursday, May 12, 2011

From Kirk Haskins - Common Core Standards

Due to high interest we have added 2 new location/dates to the summer schedule (see below)!
June 21-22-Junction City 1 - Junction City Middle School - currently has a waiting list
**NEW June 23-24 Junction City 2 - Junction City Middle School
June 28-29-Wichita-South High School-currently has a waiting list
**NEW June 30-July 1 - Goddard - Eisenhower Middle School
July 7-8-Piper-Piper High School - currently has a waiting list
July 11-12-Iola-Iola High School
July 14-15-Hays-Hays High School
July 18-19-Garden City-Garden City High School
Important notes about locations:
Waiting Lists - We have no way of placing a part of an academy on a waiting list (e.g. 3-5 grade, classroom focus in math), so we have to place the entire location on a waiting list when any one grade level/focus/content area group gets high enrollment numbers that make it impossible for us to  accommodate any more in that group.  Once a location goes onto a waiting list, we periodically go through the registrations to see who can be changed from the "waiting list" to fully enrolled.  When we do this, everyone on the waiting list for that location receives an e-mail letting them know their current status.  This is important information to know right now, particularly as it relates to the Piper location, because we still have several openings in several groups at Piper, just not all of them.  So, do not hesitate to enroll on a waiting list for Piper - since there is a good chance you will get in if your grade level and content area is not full!  For the Junction City 1 and Wichita academies, we have already gone through the waiting lists at least once and moved several people to fully registered.  The people on waiting lists for these locations are truly awaiting changes in other people's enrollments in hopes that they could still get registered for these sites.  However, since we are adding another Academy in Junction City and in a surrounding Wichita district, Goddard, it would be important that you register for any of the two new sites as soon as possible.
Low Enrollment Possibilities - Please, keep in mind that any of these new sites, as well as the original six sites, that do not have sufficient enrollment to cover expenses may be cancelled.  So, if you are planning to attend one of the summer academies, the sooner you can get your enrollment submitted the sooner we can know for sure that there are enough participants to offer the academy for that location/date.  In the event that we have to cancel a location, we will make final determinations in plenty of time for registrants to still be able to find alternative sites.
General Summer Academy Information
DESCRIPTION: The academies will be 2 days of professional development around the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), focusing on implications for classroom practice and the transition from the now retired 2003 Kansas Standards to the new CCSS.  Within each content area, English Language Arts and Mathematics, participants will be divided by grade bands for teachers, with an additional group that looks at building/district transitional issues.  Each group will be limited to 25 participants and will have 2 presenters to maximize interaction. 
TIMES:  8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (both days)
MATERIALS: Materials for the academy will be posted by June 1. It is expected that each participant will print the necessary materials and bring them or that they will bring a computer to access them.

COLLEGE CREDIT: College credit registration will be available onsite. Details will be posted by in the next few days.

CONTENT AREA: Each participant must pick ONE content area (Mathematics or Language Arts) for the duration of the academy. The nature of this professional development is such that each participant is focused on one content area during the entire academy. Individuals that wish to get information for both content areas might consider collaborating with other participants and/or attending additional academies.

SURVEY OF ENACTED CURRICULUM: Each teacher that registers to attend the Kansas Common Core Standards Summer Academy is expected to take the Survey of Enacted Curriculum beforehand. This survey asks questions about instructional practices in the classroom. The survey will help teachers to examine the alignment between what is taught in their classroom and the new and old standards. This survey can take from 90 - 120 minutes and does not need to be completed in one sitting. 

The registration fee includes breakfast and lunch each day.
Also on  under Upcoming KSDE-sponsored Events
Any questions can be directed to any of the KSDE staff listed below by calling (785) 296-1130 or (785) 296-3261 or by e-mail at:
David Barnes:
Matt Copeland:
Kris Shaw:
Matt Krehbiel:
Don Copeland:
Jeannette Nobo:

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