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Monday, March 14, 2011

From KSDE - Regarding Pathway Applications

This is from the office of Kirk Haskins and Gayla Randall:

As we come to the last 36 hours of pathway application, several items have come to my attention through common questions. I thought I would share information to speed up the answering.  The first section is for everyone to read, the last are for those that are still trying to meet the March 15, 2011 midnight deadline.
1. "I released my application and now I don't see it when I look under "My CPPSAs". Where is it?"
ANSWER: CPPSA applications move from one level to another as it passes through the system.  There is a yellow box on the top of the CPPSA opening page.  There are a series of boxes under "Status". The boxes are linked to separate levels/steps the application goes through.  To ALWAYS see your application, click on all of the boxes. If you don't, you won't see it unless the application happens to be at the level/step of the one box you have checked.
2. "When I submit the application when I'm done, will it go directly to KSDE?"
ANSWER: No, each CPPSA goes through two levels of approval. When the application completer (you) is finished, the application goes to your administrator. He/she provides the final submission to KSDE.  Let this second person know when you released the application so they don't miss sending it on.
3. "What happens if I didn't have everything right?  Do I have extra time to finish it after March 15th?"
ANSWER: Yes, you must submit something by March 15th (midnight).  Any missing or incorrect information can be added/changed and resubmitted after that date until approval is received.
4. "What happens if I miss the March 15, 2011 (midnight) deadline?"
ANSWER: Perkins and .5 funding stream will be lost for the 2011-2012 school year, however you can reapply between November 15, 2011 and March 15, 2012 to regain funding for 2012-2013. Contact KSDE if you have problems out of your control regarding the submission of your application before the deadline.
5. "How long will it take before I hear about my CPPSA approval/denial?"
ANSWER: Please allow 6-8 weeks for the reviewing and communication process.  Each CPPSA is reviewed by 2 consultants and the assistant director of CTE before approval/denial is determined.
6. "How will I know what I need to edit or change if my CPPSA is denied?"
ANSWER: The  review process allows for each section to be reviewed and comment given if something is not meeting the requirements for approval.  Additional comments will share what is needed for the approval to be given.  This process of review can be repeated until the application is approved as long as it is completed prior to the final deadline, which is in late spring.
1. "I have mapped my courses, but they aren't showing up in Section III. What's wrong?"
ANSWER: This can mean a variety of things.  1.) Courses are sitting in pending...e-mail me if that is the case sharing your course names and USD #; 2.) courses are sitting in "incorrect" and needs your changes and resubmitted....e-mail me once they are resubmitted with the course names and USD# ; 3.) Courses were mapped as secondary and not CTE to your local data entry person to see if this is the issue to correct; 4.) Courses were mapped to a code that is not on the pathway design sheet....remap each course as a new one, don't change anything already approved in KCCMS, but enter it as a new course using an "effective date" of 7-1-11 which indicates it's for a pathway and the code should be reviewed.
2. " My courses are not coded correctly, can't I submit them incorrectly and then clean it up later?"
ANSWER: No, courses must be approved through KCCMS before showing up in Section III.  If not mapped correctly, courses are  not available in Section III. ONLY course codes on the pathway design sheet will be approved for a pathway.  Code descriptions must also match the code and thus the content of the course.  Using descriptions for currently offered courses may not fit. Review acceptable descriptions by looking under "Kansas Course Codes and Descriptions" found on the opening page of the Human Services career cluster link.  Note the credit value on the pathway design sheet. If you have concerns about these, contact KSDE with your problems.  Note that "sequence" is only for those codes used for more than one course (i.e. dividing a 1.0 credit course into two .5 credit courses...whereas you have a 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 sequence.)  Use sequence of 1 of 1 for all other courses. (This is not a method of tracking course offerings at the local level, it's for indicating the above situation only. ALL technical and application course codes are funded, however introduction level are not funded so marked the funding status appropriately.
3. "I don't have my articulation agreement back from the post-secondary institution. What do I do in Section IV?"
ANSWER: Scan and upload an unsigned copy of the agreement so you can get something submitted by the deadline, knowing you will not be approved, but you will have additional time to obtain the final copy to upload after your  CPPSA  review is completed and sent back to you to correct.
4. "What about year 13 on the Program of Study. Where do I find that?  It's not showing up?"

ANSWER:  Post-secondary courses are not mapped through KCCMS, you will need to type those directly into the CPPSA Program of Study document. Locate the year 13 course information from your post-secondary institution by going to their website and looking at the courses a freshman would take in the degree your articulation agreement is linked to. You do not need to list all courses within the specific academic areas at this time, only the CTE courses.

(Removed is the line …“Be sure to list all the courses in their specific academic areas, not just CTE courses.” )

5. "What if something in the application isn't working or submitting?  Can I skip a section to go to the next one and then go back? Can I do part of the application and then come back later to finish?"
ANSWER: Each section must be saved before you can go to the next section. Once you hit "save", you'll get one of two boxes...the red box means something wasn't completed correctly and then it will list what is incorrect; the green box means everything is good and it will tell you to go to the next section.  Once you get a 'green box', that section is saved and you can leave and come back later.  If you are part way through a section and leave, entered information will be lost.
Each section must be completed in cannot skip one to come back to later. 
IF anything about the entry of information, saving or progress through the application is not working, contact through an e-mail who will answer technical questions in a very quick turnaround time.
6. "Lead instructor's name is not showing up in that section. What do I do?"
ANSWER: Lead instructor drop down box listings is determined by the Licensed Personnel Report. If your districts report is not through the KSDE system as of the date of the CPPSA submission, names will be missing.  You can select "Not Available" and continue the application. This will not keep your application from being disapproved.
7. "Can someone at KSDE review the application before I submit it to see if anything is incorrect?"
ANSWER:  Due to time constraints, CPPSA's cannot be reviewed until after submitted. The important issue is to have the CPPSA submitted by the deadline.  See above answers regarding time given after March 15th to correct missing/inaccurate information.

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